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Green Ivy Publishing presents Thirteen Years in a Psychiatric Hospital, the new, eye-opening and rev     By Andrew Alexander 01/07/2017


1888 PressRelease - I began working with Juanita, newly diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. "The destructive alter immediately closed the space between us and grabbed me around the throat. Because of her diminutive size, I don't think I ever felt threatened, but I was nevertheless scare    Read More

Green Ivy Publishing releases A Spot on My Heart by Kelly Artieri - A heartwarming story of Vinnie,     By Andrew Alexander 12/31/2016


(1888 PressRelease) When faced with the decision to accept a special needs dog into my home, I asked the question, "how hard can it be if you love them lots?"     Read More

In Brayden's Magical Forest, Author Anita A. Caruso Takes Readers on a Journey Deep into Their Imagi     By Andrew Alexander 12/30/2016


(1888 PressRelease) Brayden's Magical Forest, the third book in the series from author Anita A. Caruso, takes Brayden and his friends deep into a wondrous forest filled with spectacular creatures.     Read More

Green Ivy Publishing announces a new book by author John Malek: JOURNEYS: The Reality of Unexpected     By Andrew Alexander 12/29/2016


1888PressRelease - I have learned that for every rejection, every failure, and every journey, I was always being redirected to something better.     Read More

Green Ivy Publishing announces the release of a new book by poet Djanice Lamour entitled A Collectio     By Andrew Alexander 12/21/2016


(1888 PressRelease) For we are lost in each other's existence, Nothing else matters but what is happening between us And there is nowhere to go but higher and higher still.    Read More

Akiin Tulum Wedding Photographer     By Shing1 12/10/2016


Are you looking for Cancun wedding photographer? Then you have come to the right place. At Elvis Aceff Photographer, you find all services like:-engagements, weddings, destinations, elopements, beach trash the dress, family pictures and maternity.    Read More

Use made to measure picture frames     By Brian Miller 12/09/2016


People who are interested in preserving their memories fresh should turn to the best options for it. Made to measure picture frames will do the trick, but you should take the time to find out more about the best options you have at hand for picture framing.    Read More

Made to measure picture frames     By Brian Miller 12/09/2016


Control is one of the most important aspects people focus on and they try to gain control over anything. Picture framing is an important part of your life that will keep you on track. Made to measure picture frames will offer you all the control you need to create them.    Read More

Picture framing for fresh memories     By Brian Miller 12/09/2016


Memories are some of the most important parts of your history since they are the ones that will show you where you came from. Picture framing is one of the best options you can turn to for preserving your memories. Made to measure picture frames will make your house look amazing.    Read More

Options for picture framing     By Brian Miller 12/09/2016


A photo is one of the best options you can use to preserve a memory, but you must be sure you will do it right. Picture framing is a solution you can turn to for this, but you should focus on the best made to measure picture frames you can turn to.    Read More

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