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How to preserve your Artwork with Professional Picture Framing?     By Harvey Spector 03/08/2017


Many people tend to overlook the actual importance of framing lying underneath the enhanced beauty of their artwork. Picture framing adds life to your artwork by protecting it from external damage. This article highlights the importance of professional picture framing in preserving your artwork    Read More

Is It Still Worth It to Buy Expensive Frames?     By Mital Nath 02/01/2017


Selecting a frame isn’t just about choosing a color and a material.There can be found a wide range of categories for frames in the market but choosing an affordable picture frame is most important for your home decor. Nowadays mat boards are the latest picture frames available in market. It makes     Read More

Perry Ludy Releases Debut Novel, The Third Medallion     By Andrew Alexander 01/26/2017


(1888 PressRelease) "Ruthless killing. Lies and deception. Manipulation. These are not the intended goals of globalization, but very often the results." -Dr. Tyler West, The Third Medallion.    Read More

Play All Your Favorite Board Games Online Australia     By Deckedout Gaming 01/25/2017


You can online Buy Xwing Minis X-Wing - ARC-170 which is the Rebel Alliance recovered, repaired, and retrofitted a handful of ARC-170 starfighters during the Galactic Civil War.     Read More

Green Ivy Publishing presents Thirteen Years in a Psychiatric Hospital, the new, eye-opening and rev     By Andrew Alexander 01/07/2017


1888 PressRelease - I began working with Juanita, newly diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. "The destructive alter immediately closed the space between us and grabbed me around the throat. Because of her diminutive size, I don't think I ever felt threatened, but I was nevertheless scare    Read More

Green Ivy Publishing releases A Spot on My Heart by Kelly Artieri - A heartwarming story of Vinnie,     By Andrew Alexander 12/31/2016


(1888 PressRelease) When faced with the decision to accept a special needs dog into my home, I asked the question, "how hard can it be if you love them lots?"     Read More

In Brayden's Magical Forest, Author Anita A. Caruso Takes Readers on a Journey Deep into Their Imagi     By Andrew Alexander 12/30/2016


(1888 PressRelease) Brayden's Magical Forest, the third book in the series from author Anita A. Caruso, takes Brayden and his friends deep into a wondrous forest filled with spectacular creatures.     Read More

Green Ivy Publishing announces a new book by author John Malek: JOURNEYS: The Reality of Unexpected     By Andrew Alexander 12/29/2016


1888PressRelease - I have learned that for every rejection, every failure, and every journey, I was always being redirected to something better.     Read More

Green Ivy Publishing announces the release of a new book by poet Djanice Lamour entitled A Collectio     By Andrew Alexander 12/21/2016


(1888 PressRelease) For we are lost in each other's existence, Nothing else matters but what is happening between us And there is nowhere to go but higher and higher still.    Read More

New Memoir American Sweetheart: Still Not Making the Team Urges Readers to be Their Own Cheerleader     By Andrew Alexander 12/07/2016


1888PressRelease - Dr. Chiufang Hwang tells an inspiring story about how dedication and confidence can knock down any barriers in life.     Read More

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