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Top HR Trends In 2017 – Focus Will Be On Tech (Part 2)     By Sandra Lee 01/12/2017


Technology is continuously impacting every industry and HR sector is no different. Human resource world is becoming reliant of the tech at a really fast rate because the technology takes growth to a whole new level. With a focus on tech, let’s have a look at top HR trends in 2017.    Read More

Top HR Trends In 2017 – Focus Will Be On Tech (Part 1)     By Sandra Lee 01/07/2017


Business are expecting a better business year ahead. The HR world is slightly more focused on the trends will be seen in the year 2017. Let’s take a look at some of the top HR trends of 2017.    Read More

Read This Before Outsourcing Your Payroll     By Sandra Lee 12/20/2016


Considering the level of payroll needs for your business, payroll outsourcing can surely save money and time. Outsourced payroll can also protect you from the trouble of making errors, paying unreasonable fees and missing tax filing deadlines.    Read More

It‘s true! Global Payroll Outsourcing Has Become Important     By Sandra Lee 12/01/2016


Outsourcing has become a major industry worldwide and offers a lot easier solutions for a wide range of services. Payroll outsourcing is surely one of the easiest ways to ensure that the payroll of your company functions in the right manner.    Read More

Role Played By HR In Start-Ups     By Sandra Lee 11/17/2016


Are you the founder of a Start-up company and worried about the management of human resource? Here are a few points that will help you to understand the role of human resource (HR) in start-ups.    Read More

Different Types and Kinds of Truck Driving     By don brad 11/15/2016


There are many types of truck drivers and they all hold different job titles and responsibilities. You need to learn about the job profiles of each of them to learn more.    Read More

Why & How To Engage Employees More Effectively     By Sandra Lee 11/08/2016


There’s no doubt that engaged workers can deliver loads of benefits to any organisation. However, many organisations fail to identify the importance of having engaged workers. Many companies also lack the skills needed to keep employees engaged. Here are 7 steps that will help you to engage your wor    Read More

Important Steps To Booking A Motivational Speaker     By starspeakersseo 10/27/2016


Are you looking for professional speaker for your organization's annual event or other functions ? Than you are reading right article from Starspeakers who are providing motivational speakers for such events. It is always good if we prepare our own checklist or points that help us in hiring motivat    Read More

5 Ways Technology Helps Human Resource To Improve     By Sandra Lee 10/22/2016


Technology has impacted every field and the world of Human resources and payroll are no different. How much do you think technology is playing a role in improving and making HR better? Let’s discuss 5 positive effects of technology on HR world.    Read More

Top 10 Payroll Software Reviews     By Sandra Lee 10/19/2016


Payroll software can work wonders for an organisation or business. Payroll software can help you to follow all the rules and regulation set by the authorities. Numerous payroll software available in the market, let’s find out which one is the best for your business.    Read More

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