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Live an Eco Friendly Life with Pre-Fab Construction     By Sunil Srivastava 08/22/2017


Prefab technology and eco-friendliness are synonymous. With this construction, one can easily lead an eco-friendly life. Why?, As the recycled products are mainly used in the interior decoration of this construction which leads to lower building material cost along with less maintenance cost.    Read More

Online Purchase of Adjustable Wrenches: - Factors to Consider     By Alan NZ 08/16/2017


An adjustable wrench is a must-have tool for every toolbox. The wrench helps in carrying out various functions like repair and maintenance of faucets, pipe and pipe fitting, automobiles, cycles and motorbikes, furniture and all kinds of plumbing works.    Read More

This post is written by London Roller Shutters, one of the best manufacturers and installers of secu     By Matt Sands 08/16/2017


Fire shutters and fire curtains are used as basic safety components when it comes to prevent the spread of fire/smoke and allow people time to escape industrial or commercial buildings in London in the event of an emergency.    Read More

Desoutter Industrial Tools Opens New North American Headquarters     By Andrew Alexander 08/09/2017


1888PressRelease - The new North American Headquarters demonstrates the innovative solutions Desoutter continues to bring to the industrial assembly market in the age of Industry 4.0.     Read More

Global VMS Sublingual Products Market Insights Shared in Detailed Research Report by Brisk Insight     By Robson Tolson 08/03/2017


VMS Sublingual Products Market is expected to provide sustainable growth opportunities during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025    Read More

Polar King International, Inc. to Demonstrate Outdoor Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezers at the 20     By Andrew Alexander 08/01/2017


1888 Press Release - Polar King International, Inc. to present outdoor walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers at 2017 Louisiana Foodservice and Hospitality Expo.    Read More

Introduction of Lightweight High Aluminum Brick and Application of Refractory Brick     By Julia Cheng 08/01/2017


High aluminum tiles, also known as high-aluminum heat insulation brick (high-aluminium heat insulation brick). Alumina content of more than 48%, mainly by the mullite and glass phase or corundum together composed of light refractories. Bulk density of 0.4 ~ 1.35g / cm3. Porosity 66% to 73%, compress    Read More

Infection Prevention and Control Market: Current Trends And Future Opportunities By 2025     By Robson Tolson 07/31/2017


Global Infection Prevention and Control Market is expected to provide sustainable growth opportunities during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.    Read More

Silicone inflatable gaskets offer excellent applications in varied industries     By Sulekha N 07/22/2017


In a wide spectrum of industrial environment, you can see application and use of silicon gaskets. Typically, in electrical applications as insulators, in aerospace as seals and office equipment in keypads; you can find them quite frequently.    Read More

Nowadays, manufacturing industries prefer silicone transparent braided hoses     By Sulekha N 07/22/2017


Silicone braided hose is a popular industrial product with a broad spectrum of applications. There are several types and varieties of these hoses. For example, peroxide-cured hoses, platinum-cure hoses and so on.    Read More

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