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How to Find the Career that is Right for You     By Jimmie Flores 07/07/2017


As an online college professor, I receive many emails from students asking for career advice. In fact, when I served as department chair for the School of Business at a university, one of my duties was to meet with students to discuss how the program they selected could translate to a good job.     Read More

Why Should One Look For The English Teacher Jobs Abroad?     By Esljobs Lounge 07/03/2017


Friends, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) jobs or the English Teaching Jobs in Abroad are not only beneficial to the countries where they are in plenty but also to the people who apply for the jobs in abroad.    Read More

How to help motivate your child to get a job     By Mvpsources 07/02/2017


Interivew Coaching from MVPSource - Mock Job Interview coaches. Coaching you on interview questions and answers by phone. Mock Interviews and interview resources. What to avoid during your interview and what to stress. Match your skills to your resume is a must.    Read More

How Smart People Get Promoted     By Jimmie Flores 06/22/2017


There are far too many people hoping they receive a promotion soon. In some cases, the belief is that longevity with a company will eventually yield good news. I do know that advancements are sometimes given based on seniority, but having to wait until one gets older to receive a promotion is a...    Read More

Lots of Great Ideas But Zero Action     By Jimmie Flores 06/15/2017


In my years working in corporate America, medical practices, and running my own business, I’ve heard a ton of great ideas; unfortunately, in most cases, no action is taken to make these ideas a reality...    Read More

Things You Must Know When Looking for a Staffing Agency in Los Angeles     By Tim Donnelly 06/06/2017


When looking for a staffing agency in Los Angeles, you must evaluate your options on certain parameters to explore the best talents for your company. Here are some tips to find the best recruiters to do this job.    Read More

How to Handle Scope Questions on the PMP Exam     By Jimmie Flores 06/05/2017


The Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam will feature a good number of scope-related questions, which means that test-takers must understand the topic well. To keep it simple, know that scope also means the work to be executed on the project.    Read More

Career counseling makes career path more achievable     By Anshul Singhal 06/01/2017


Most of us come at a juncture when we have to make the right choice related to a career which is relatively tough. There is confusion with decisions especially when there are scores of options.    Read More

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant Services .     By Cory Frank 05/16/2017


With the modern and fast-paced society we are facing today, many individuals and business owners can oftentimes find themselves buried and lost under piles of balance sheets, monthly reports and similar seemingly crucial routine tasks. While some try to accomplish these time consuming tasks alone, at the end they just find the tasks demotivating and exhausting.     Read More

Bring Back the Original Beauty & Shine of Your Stone Floor with Floor Polishing,     By Cory Frank 05/15/2017


The stone flooring in a house can greatly alter the ambience and depending on the materials used, can also make the house look luxurious, attractive, or even larger. It is interesting to note that after stone tiles are laid in a room, the room looks much larger because the eye is fooled by the 3 dimension look of the tiles.     Read More

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