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Essential Things Every Job Seeker Must Bring in a Job Interview     By Melinda Edwards 12/29/2016


Congratulations on getting a job interview! According to, job interviews are more about preparation than execution. Meaning, the more prepared you are, the more you’ll nail it. So don’t show up unprepared. Take note of these essential job interview tools that you should bring.    Read More

Smart Answers to Eight Common Job Interview Questions     By Nelson Mullins 12/27/2016


What follows are common interview questions (and the correct ways to answer them), to be confident in facing your interviewer.    Read More

9 Powerful Job Interview Techniques You Should Try Today     By Nelly Marshall 12/02/2016


If you really want that coveted job post, check out these nine job interview techniques to drive off jitters and get more offers.    Read More

4 Strategies to Survive a Tough Job Interview     By Nelson Mullins 11/17/2016


A tough job interview can knock your confidence and make you doubt your skills. If you want to stay composed during the big day and get the job, heed these tips.    Read More

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 2)     By Sandra Lee 11/04/2016


Many people find interviews quite difficult to crack. They often become nervous and fail to say the right things at the right moment. However, there’s no need to panic if they make preparations in advance. Ask your friends to help you prepare for your interview by conducting mock interviews. Take a     Read More

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 1)     By Sandra Lee 11/02/2016


Interviews make people nervous, even if they’re well-qualified for the job. However, if they do prepare in advance, then there’s no need to panic. Just have mock interviews that will help you to gain confidence. Here are some questions you need to prepare before any job interview.    Read More

10 Tips That Will Help You To Conquer Any Interview     By Sandra Lee 10/25/2016


Cracking interviews has become quite tough over the years. However, by following even the simple basics, you can excel and conquer any interview. Here are top ten tips that will help you to get success in interview. Have a look.    Read More

6 Ways Job Seekers Can Shun Awkward Interview Moments     By Philemon Onesias 10/24/2016


Applicants coming for a job interview want to impress hiring managers. Yet as fate would have it, an interview may sometimes turn bitter when a planned first meeting with the future boss goes awry. Before awkward job interview moments hurt your hiring chances, learn how to avoid an embarrassing expe    Read More

7 Job Interview Turnoffs Every Job Hunter Must Avoid     By Nelly Marshall 09/22/2016


Are you going to an interview next week? Resume4Dummies shares the top job interview turnoffs you must avoid to win the job. Read to discover more.    Read More is the one stop solution for all Emirates Job dreams     By Admin 07/01/2015


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