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How To Avoid Expensive MacBook Repairs     By RosalindBob 07/09/2016


MacBook's are popular computers and usage of them as everyday laptops has increased within the years. Sales at Apple Stores of the MacBook Pro have grown every year. These machines, although powerful as laptops go, remain vulnerable to hardware failure.    Read More

Technology made easier with DPDT relay board controller     By Vikram Kumar 06/22/2016


Any switch that is operated electrically is known as a relay. It is used to control circuits with low power signal or circuits which have to be controlled by only one signal    Read More

The 24v relay board and relay controller for industrial sector     By Vikram Kumar 06/22/2016


Plug in your laptop to the power supplier! Turn on the Ac through a three pin holder! Switch off the TV when the rain pours! We all are varying of electricity and its disasters right    Read More

Web Controlled Relays Vs Reprogrammable Logic Circuits: A Discussion     By Vikram Kumar 06/21/2016


Relays are amazing devices in their own right. They are simply electrically operated switches but when used creatively, you can create all sorts of complicated functions and logics using simply relays    Read More

How USB Controlled Relays Can Help You Improve Your Robotics Projects     By Vikram Kumar 06/21/2016


Relays are some of the most amazing and versatile devices that you can be used very creatively in order to get even the most complicated actions done with very little hassle    Read More

Ethernet relay controller and relay controller secures the appliances     By Vikram Kumar 06/20/2016


This is an era where almost everything has either gone online pr electrical. We have been dominated by things which work in coordination with both electronics and internet    Read More

USB power relay and relay module for distanced connectivity!     By Vikram Kumar 06/20/2016


Working on your laptop day and night? Don’t know how to connect those multiple gadgets and plug-ins while using the PC? We all are surrounded by similar problems when working on a connected network base    Read More

USB relay board and Ethernet relay board for power control     By Vikram Kumar 06/19/2016


While working on the computer or watching TV or using a mixture grinder we all do come across situations when the machine goes blur for seconds and replenishes again    Read More

USB relay module and USB relay switch for a safer access to electronics     By Vikram Kumar 06/19/2016


While we are busy working at our workstations we do not realize what we are guarded with. The electronic gadgets that we use in our day to day schedules are so empowered with electricity that we do not realize its potential to make or break us     Read More

USB relay and Ethernet relay for power Computer usage!     By Vikram Kumar 06/18/2016


Gadgets have taken over our daily lifestyle. We keep track of our work and do almost everything in our laptops and mobile phones    Read More

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