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HOW TO BE CONFIDENT IN ENGLISH- Learning Principles     By saji Chameli 08/20/2014


Speaking a foreign language, especially if you are conversing with the native speakers is terrifying task for most of us. What most of us fail to understand is that learning a language is just like learning anything else.    Read More

Open Source Software And Technology By John Pereless     By John Pereless 08/18/2014


John Pereless writes on open source technology and platform. He explained how open source software licensed and how they can be modified as per the on demand features requirements. The types of open source license and their examples are also listed in the post.    Read More

Learning a language is similar to riding a cycle     By saji Chameli 08/16/2014


Riding a cycle is something that you don't forget easily once you earn the balance and the technique. Even if year later you get your legs between the wheels you are still going to be able to manage it easily.     Read More

Las Vegas Information Technology: The best computer repair service that money can buy     By John Martin 08/14/2014


Las Vegas Information Technology is an excellent way to get your computer fixed of all problems. The firm has excellent technical capacities and requisite experience to look into both hardware and software issues.    Read More

Embedded Software Systems By John Pereless     By John Pereless 08/11/2014


This post deals with embedded system and their basics. Author John Pereless further differentiate the built in application software versus embedded systems or software. The classification is done based on functionality, resource requirements and operating resource needs.    Read More

Software Testing and Fundamentals By John Pereless     By John Pereless 08/04/2014


The article best describes various forms of software testing, types and tools. An approach to further explain the software engineering with modern software development life cycle [SDLC] paradigm. Author John Pereless president at Pereless Software and he writes on software development fundamentals.    Read More

Sharepoint 2013 to Office 365 migration     By GSS Articles 07/30/2014


Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud version of Office. You'll connect via the internet, set up an account, make payment, and download the appropriate files. When working with Office 365 files, you upload and synchronize files with Windows SkyDrive which is Microsoft's cloud.    Read More

Sharepoint managed Services     By GSS Articles 07/30/2014


Microsoft SharePoint is a web application framework SharePoint comprises a multipurpose set of Web technologies backed by a common technical infrastructure. By default, SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.    Read More

How much important future expansion of Mobile Marketing with Location based services?     By Piyush jain 07/18/2014


The Smartphone market and user are growing day by day as we head into the 2014.    Read More

SDLC and Programming methodologies by John Pereless     By John Pereless 07/14/2014


This article is explaining software development life cycle and associated programming technologies. Modes of software development as well as programming paradigm is also illustrated. Phases involved on software development are also explained by the author.    Read More

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