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All about Role-Plays in OET Speaking Test     By Hannah Joseph 07/20/2017


“OET Speaking Test is not a piece of cake.”You may have heard this from people who had taken it. And to be honest,it is just the truth. After warm-up conversation, the real test begins which can have the potential to disturb, distract or discourage.who are good at speaking skills become the winners.    Read More

Important Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Translation Agency     By Lingua Vox 07/19/2017


Our Translation Agency is an Online Translation Services offering professional translation in more than 150 Language to Business and Individuals in the United States, United Kingdom and Other Countries.    Read More

Speaking Preparation Tips for IELTS Test - Takers     By Jessica Wiliams 07/12/2017


Speaking Test is aimed at assessing the speaking skills of the candidates. It may last for 11-14 minutes. The candidates will be interviewed individually.    Read More

A Few Similarities between IELTS and PTE Academic Test     By saranya359 06/02/2017


There exist a lot of difference between the test patterns and formats of both the IELTS and PTE Academic test. But there are certain similarities noticeable. Firstly both are standardised language tests conducted to test the language abilities of prospective candidates who are willing to pursue a ca    Read More

Differences in IELTS and PTE Academic Speaking Test     By saranya359 06/02/2017


Most of the candidates confuse themselves with the test pattern of PTE Academic in comparison to IELTS test. Especially when it comes to speaking section. It has been noticed that students who had secured good bands in IELTS speaking module were not able to fetch good score in PTE speaking section.     Read More

The writing Part of PTE Academic     By saranya359 06/02/2017


When it comes to PTE Academic writing, it is the easiest of all. The task in writing involves two question types. Firstly summarizing written text and next is an essay.    Read More

Benefits of Learning in a Virtual Classroom     By Wordsandvideos 05/13/2017


There are a number of commercial Virtual Learning Software packages available, including Blackboard, Web-CT, Lotus Learning Space, and COSE.    Read More

Why Programming     By Parth Sharma 03/03/2017


Before we go into the topic of ‘why programming’ first let us know what is programming? Programming is the method of taking an algorithm and encoding it into a notation, a programming language, so that it will be executed by a computer.    Read More

Autocad: An Industrial Application     By Parth Sharma 11/14/2016


CAD stands for "Computer Aided Design." AutoCAD is a line of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design software produced by the Autodesk company. It includes a powerful suite of features to improve workflow and create true-to-life maps, diagrams, structures and schematics.    Read More

Enjoy Flawlessness with Expert Assistance in Transliteration     By Sahana Omej 08/25/2016


If you are looking forward to expand your commercial venture to Malaysia or if you are getting settled in this country for educational purposes, the assistance of a professional translation agency may help you greatly when you are not proficient in Malay that is the only official language.    Read More

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