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Amazing Things Digital Artists Can Do for Medicine     By Janet Miranda 11/25/2016


Medical illustrators are becoming in demand so are digital arts schools where they can hone their skills. Read on and discover more about this career.    Read More

Seven Disney Films from the 90s You‘d Love to Watch Again     By Janet Miranda 11/24/2016


CIIT, the leading 3D animation school in the country, listed seven Disney-animated films from the 1990s you’d love to watch again. Read on.    Read More

Six Facts Every Aspiring Mobile Developer Should Know     By Janet Miranda 11/23/2016


Dreaming to build your own mobile app? CIIT, a mobile app development school, lists a few amazing facts that might keep your passion burning. Read more.    Read More

Signs You Should Choose CIIT‘s K12 Media and Visual Arts Program     By Janet Miranda 11/22/2016


A multimedia arts school is the best place to nurture creatively gifted people. To know if you have the knack for art, check out these signs.     Read More

Six Web Design Trends to Rule the Digital World in 2017     By Janet Miranda 11/21/2016


Which design trends can make you competitive? CIIT, a top web design school, shares a list of industry trends to help you drive more traffic in 2017.    Read More

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer: How Do They Differ?     By Janet Miranda 11/18/2016


Tell how software engineers and developers differ from each other in this blog from the top software engineering school, CIIT! Read more.     Read More

Fetch job as airline pilot is a dream come true with HM Aviation     By HMAviation 11/09/2016


There’s no doubt about it; being a pilot is an exciting career! Having new experiences every day, and getting paid to travel the world are just a small part of a career as an airline pilot.    Read More

Ten Creative Part-Time Jobs You Can Try While in College     By Janet Miranda 10/26/2016


Need a part-time job while studying? With a multimedia arts school like CIIT, it’s viable! Check out this article to learn the various jobs you can try.    Read More

Top Eight Mobile Apps for Pinoy Solo Travelers     By Janet Miranda 10/26/2016


Are you traveling alone for the first time? Top mobile app development school, CIIT, explored today’s leading stores to uncover the best travel apps you must take with you. Check out these apps to guarantee a hassle-free solo trip.    Read More

Seven Cool Halloween Jobs for Multimedia Arts Experts     By Janet Miranda 10/26/2016


CIIT, one of the top multimedia arts course schools in the country, lists seven in-demand jobs for multimedia arts experts this Halloween. Read on.    Read More

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