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The event management - "a better profession or not"     By puneetpathak 08/11/2017


Event management, as a serious profession, has emerged quite recently. Due to this reason, the field hasn’t been perfected yet. Regardless of this, the field is constantly growing and methods and tools are being improved greatly.     Read More

Big Data Analysis Helps Students Choose College Majors     By Andrew Alexander 07/24/2017


1888 PressRelease - launches new assessment that helps students choose college majors based on their competences and aspirations.    Read More

MBA is still a lucrative and prospective degree in India and worldwide     By Surya Prakash 06/15/2017


India is actually the largest provider of Management Graduates. There are state-of-the-art and world-class business schools that churn out skills and talents every year.Apart from the big world-famous institutes,     Read More

5 Career Options with an Economics Degree     By Instant Essay Writing 06/03/2017


Read this article to know about the few career options for a student with a degree in Economics    Read More

6 Engaging Geography Facts You Probably Didn‘t Know About     By Instant Essay Writing 04/15/2017


Want to know some of the interesting facts concerning geography? Read this article to the end!    Read More

Nursing As a Profession – A Guide to Start a Career     By Smith Richard 04/03/2017


Nursing is a rewarding professional and if you have made your mind to be a part of a reputed medical instituted, read on. This article is going to be extremely useful for those who want to know categories of nurses and their respective contribution in the medical field.    Read More

Learn How to Structure a Nursing Essay at Australia     By Smith Richard 03/28/2017


In order to learn how to structure a nursing assignment, a student should follow how an expert writer is rendering the job. Nursing assignments are a bit tricky in nature. Nursing essays are mostly reflective in nature, so a student needs to follow cause-effect-analysis approach methodically.    Read More

Read this if you want to Study Master in International Business     By Surya Prakash 03/28/2017


Achieving the highest degree in any stream is the foremost prerequisite today for career advancement. This is especially required when you want to pursue a career in business or business management.    Read More

Shape a Promising Career in Top MBA Colleges in Karnataka     By Surya Prakash 03/09/2017


Shaping a career, which assures you a fabulous job, a fat package and comfortable life is the dream of every young man and woman. From that standpoint, pursuing a master’s degree in management can be one of most exciting and result-oriented ideas.    Read More

Career options after Aircraft Maintenance Engineering     By Priyesh Mishra 02/27/2017


Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the main stay in the aviation sector as they are responsible for the maintenance of aircrafts. They have a core responsibility at hand due to which they are in great demand from some of the top companies and thus have a great career option after completing AME cour    Read More

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