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5 reasons to gift a personalized chocolate to the wedding!!     By Lubna Al Makotum 12/08/2017


Wedding favor in kind of an important thing in your marriage to gift to your guests. You can do a lot with them to impress your guest. They are perfect for gifting because chocolates are liked by everyone.    Read More

5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Belgian Chocolates     By georgebrown 09/14/2017


Chocolates are hard to deny and impossible to resist. Belgian Chocolates are just a magical feeling inside the mouth that would make anyone fall in love with dark chocolates even if they are not really in favor of it.    Read More

Is giving chocolate as a gift is good idea?     By georgebrown 08/09/2017


There is no reason to hesitate while gifting chocolate. It is a great mood booster and stimulant with no side effects attached with it. Gifting chocolate is a part of our cultural tradition, hence widely accepted and liked everywhere; this means you don’t have to worry about the likeability of your     Read More

Truffles for a Cause: The Perfect Wedding Favor     By georgebrown 07/17/2017


Wedding favors have become a must to express your gratitude to the guests who attend your wedding. There are many options that are available for giving wedding favors. Depending on the needs and budget, one can easily choose the best option.     Read More

THE PERFECT CHOCOLATE GIFT     By georgebrown 04/26/2017


Above article will brief you about the aroma that is being spread among your loved ones through the perfect chocolate gift!    Read More

Relish your taste buds to Belgian chocolate in Dubai     By AkashMali 02/16/2017


The above article deals with the health aspects of chocolate and the best chocolatier to look for in Dubai. Kindly, spend a minute to read the article to know about the same.     Read More

Different types of Chocolates for Wedding & Party favors     By puneetpathak 01/25/2017


Chocolates' are the best expression for all the feelings. A chocolate that awakens your senses and lets you achieve your beatitude.    Read More

5 Perfect Corporate Chocolate Blessing Thoughts     By sanketmittal 12/19/2016


Choosing the right gift for the coming festive season is now easy as all you need to do is to make the right choices of chocolate in a fancy box that will give the receiver of the gift the joy of devouring the chocolates on the occasion of Christmas.    Read More

Best Chocolate Gift Ideas for Wedding     By puneetpathak 11/15/2016


This article is about gifting chocolates for wedding. It gives proper information on what kinds of chocolates you can get from shops.    Read More

5 Unique Health Benefits of Well Made Belgian Chocolates in Dubai     By samarthmathur 10/07/2016


This article discusses 5 health benefits of the famed Belgian chocolate recipe.    Read More

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