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Keep cancer and Alzheimer‘s away with turmeric tea     By Larry Taggart 04/08/2018


Ask any Englishman and they will swear by their cup of tea. Indeed, tea is a fascinating beverage and comes with a range of health benefits. Native to Asia, the origin of tea is believed to be in Southwest China and it is the second most popular beverage in the world after coffee.    Read More

Sip your rooibos tea any time of the day for a heavenly taste     By Larry Taggart 04/08/2018


Tea is a beverage that never bores us – we love to have a cup every morning, be it summer or winter. It is actually amazing that tea comes in various flavours and it is worthwhile sampling some of them.    Read More

Stay healthy with a few sips of herbal tea every day     By Larry Taggart 04/08/2018


It is a known fact that herbal tea provides immense benefits to the body. This type of tea is a typical mix of tea leaves and Ayurvedic herbs where you get to enjoy delicate taste and aroma in every sip. To make your tea even better tasting, choose to make it in a cast iron teapot.    Read More

Where Does Bubble Tea in New York and New Jersey Originate From?     By Rosario Berry 03/30/2018


Bubble aka Boba Tea's original origins come from the "Chun Shui Tang" Shop in Taiwan during the early 1980's. The founder - Liu Han-Chieh was observing how Japanese folk would serve cold coffee and applied the same concept but to his iced tea.    Read More

5 Fun Facts You Should Know About Bubble Tea     By Rosario Berry 03/30/2018


If you haven't heard of the latest, trending drink get ready because we have 5 fun facts that you should know about Bubble Tea, also known as Boba Tea. If you haven't tried or heard of Bubble, you'll definitely want to go the nearest Bubble cafe.    Read More

Zesty Apple Infused Green Tea Recipe     By Abhishek Dixit 03/09/2018


If you are someone who doesn’t prefer drinking green tea due to its grassy notes, you should try this amazing recipe which not only helps to enhance the flavour of the tea as well as may even increasing its nutritional value somewhat.     Read More

Sign up for the best monthly tea subscription online at Teafloor     By ankit 03/09/2018


Around the world, many households begin their day by including tea as part of their breakfast. Does your household also falls into the same category and consumes tea on a regular basis?     Read More

Drinking tea from the glass teapot     By Gabriel Fulton 03/05/2018


Treating yourself with a cup of tea should be done properly. This means choosing a quality tea and then accessories to enhance its flavor and experience.     Read More

Enjoying the benefits of Earl Grey tea     By Gabriel Fulton 03/05/2018


More and more people are drinking tea because of their wonderful benefits and because of their flavor. Nowadays, there are many varieties available, infusions that will take your senses to another level. Among the most popular choices are Earl Grey tea and green tea.    Read More

Reasons to drink turmeric tea     By Gabriel Fulton 03/05/2018


Turmeric is known more as a spice, especially in proving curry its yellow color. Indians have used it for a long period of time and it is known to have health benefits as well. This is how turmeric tea was brought to attention.     Read More

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