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Extended lipid profile helps in diagnosing several life-threatening ailments     By Sulekha N 04/24/2017


Laboratory tests have become an integral part of the treatment plan nowadays. Doctors are greatly dependent on the test report, and hence, accuracy is the paramount aspect.When you get the tests done in one of the best Diagnostic labs in Vijayanagar Bangalore, you can rely on the reports.    Read More

Experienced Lady Doctors in Vijayanagar Bangalore for Appropriate Treatment!     By Sulekha N 04/10/2017


Health is such a complex affair and with it, you won’t want to go wrong at any time. When it is something as serious as the female’s health, there are no trial and errors. Gynaecological problems can be often complicated and if not diagnosed appropriately right at the first instance, outcome can be     Read More

Ultrasound test, the easy and convenient diagnostic tool affordable to all     By Sulekha N 03/13/2017


Diagnostic tests play a major role in the medical world today. Amongst the series of tests, Ultrasound is the oldest and most frequently used test. It uses the sound waves to create the image of internal organs. The test effectively diagnoses problems associated with tissues, tendons, etc.    Read More

Role of Exemplary Diagnostic Centre in Vijayanagar Bangalore     By Sulekha N 03/03/2017


Walk into your neighborhood clinic, meet your doctor, get an investigation, possess a prescription available, collect your medications and walk out the whole process could take up just as much as half a day.     Read More

Types Of Kidney Stone Treatment In Delhi     By akmlink 05/06/2016


We all are much aware that, what a kidney stone is and even the kinds that can be found in our body, right?    Read More

Herbal Supplements To Stop Flatulence And Enhance Health Effectively     By Jorge Martin 02/11/2016


Flatulence when it becomes excessive can get into the lives of humans as it can create embarrassing situation at their workplace. Arozyme capsules are the best herbal supplements to stop flatulence.    Read More

Dengue outbreak underlines the importance of diagnostic centers     By Sanjeev Sundar 11/05/2015


India and other countries are facing an outbreak of Dengue from last few years. Though it hasn’t taken the shape of the epidemic so far, there are several cases get reported during the winters. Thankfully, the disease can be detected by the blood test    Read More

Can Natural Remedies Prevent Excessive Gas And Acidity In A Safe Manner?     By Jorge Martin 10/28/2015


Looking for the permanent remedies for preventing gas? Nothing can be the best option other than Arozyme capsules which is the best herbal remedy for acidity problem.    Read More

Osteoporosis in women - symptoms, cause and treatment     By georgialowe 09/29/2015


Osteoporosis is a critical condition, where a patient experiences low bone density and the quality of bone is degraded. And turning the bones extremely weak, stiff and the condition deteriorates into fracture. Usually there are no such symptoms that one can point to unless there is any fracture in t    Read More

Three important tools for a cardiac diagnosis     By Sanjeev Sundar 09/06/2015


Correct and timely diagnosis plays a critical role in treating cardiac ailments. It is highly important that you choose one of the best cardiology diagnostic centres Bangalore that has been recognized for accurate results.    Read More

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