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Get the world-class personal fitness trainer you need     By toni 01/09/2018


Learn how to get the personal fitness trainer who will help you improve your health, strength, and quality of life.     Read More

Does your kid get frequent ear infections, see the specialist today     By Sulekha N 04/18/2017


Ear infections are quite common amongst kids. Particularly, children below 10 years get affected by it more. As they grow older, they are not required to see ENT doctors in Bangalore frequently.    Read More

Growing Significance of ENT Doctors in Bangalore     By Sulekha N 01/11/2017


If anyone wants to find that one reason about why there is so much of lookout for ENT doctors in Bangalore, they can find various reasons not just one! Amid growing population, increasing noise pollution in the metro and other serious aspects need for specialization    Read More

Bangalore attracts worldwide patients for deafness correction surgeries     By Sulekha N 07/30/2016


Gone are those days when hearing impairment was considered incurable. Even if it was diagnosed at the early age, people were left to live life with a permanent disability. Thanks to the phenomenal improvement in the field of medical science    Read More

Endoscopy is preferred for correcting ear disorders because it is less invasive and fast     By Sulekha N 07/22/2016


Due to the easiness of use and accuracy, endoscopes are widely used in different types of surgeries. Since it is a non-invasive surgical method, patients do not face major pain and discomfort. Moreover, it is highly useful for diabetic patients where healing of wounds is a problem    Read More

Does frequent dizziness indicate that you need an appointment of ENT surgeon?     By Sulekha N 06/28/2016


Do you think that an ENT surgeon should be seen only when you have a sore throat or pain in the ears? No, there may be many situations when need it, even if the symptoms are quite different. Reports say that people suffering from vertigo or dizziness should not take it lightly    Read More

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery becomes a preferred treat method for sinus related problems     By Sulekha N 06/09/2016


The first reported Sinus surgery was done in the late 70’s. There has been a tremendous development since then. Today, it is one of the safe and simple surgical procedures. Advancement in the imaging technique, better understanding of human anatomy    Read More

Call the best ENT Expert if your kids have frequent ear infections     By Sulekha N 05/15/2016


Problems related to ears are quite common amongst all, but they are more prominent in kids. Ear infections are one of the commonest childhood problems which need consultation from expert ENT doctors in Rajajinagar Bangalore    Read More

When should you see an ENT specialist and why?     By Sulekha N 04/05/2016


When you have a sudden pain after a long session in the swimming pool, or a bleeding nose or a sore throat, it is the time to meet an expert Otolaryngologist or ENT specialist in the common language. It is the specialization of medical science that deals with the minor    Read More

Find the Best Way to Attain ENT Treatment of International Level     By Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh 02/10/2016


If you have any ENT problem then your desire will be getting treatment of international level by visiting a reputed medical source that offers best medical solutions.     Read More

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