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Are There Any Risks to My Health in Having a FUE PROCEDURE?     By avenues cosmetic 01/09/2018


Hair Transplant is advance and easy if done by an expert and experienced hair surgeon because it is a surgical procedure and a wrong procedure can lead to various complications like:    Read More

The Big Question – Which To Choose Between FUE and FUT?     By Pankaj Singhal 01/09/2018


There have many debates between experts to determine which technique is better – FUE or FUT. The purpose of both of these hair transplants in India is to grow hair on a bald head. However, people have different opinions, so let’s learn the advantages of FUE and FUT.    Read More

How FUT Transplant Can Bring Hair Back On Your Head     By Pankaj Singhal 01/04/2018


Hair transplant treatment is one of the best and most reliable ways to get hair back on your bald head. Baldness is a curse for many people who suffer from it. Hair loss snatches away the confidence and self-esteem on any individual.    Read More

Premature Hair Loss Why Does It Happen?     By avenues cosmetic 12/28/2017


Premature hair loss is common in males and females and some of the experts are confident that the condition occurs due to the genes and hormones. However, there must be more reasons that cause premature hair loss ypu Just need to Consult Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad    Read More

Learn Correct Use of Brow Pigment and Microblading Pen in Microblading Training     By Glamd 12/26/2017


GLAMD offers professional eyebrow microblading & advanced microblading training classes across USA. Find microblading classes in your city and enroll today!    Read More

How To Prepare for Hair Transplant Surgery Abroad     By Yasemin Oram 12/26/2017


With the rapid increase in the number of patients seeking a treatment abroad reflects the continuing need of the affordable access to the best facilities to healthcare globally.    Read More

Learn to Design Crisp Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows by Taking Microblading Course     By Glamd 12/26/2017


GLAMD offering professional microblading courses across the USA. GLAMD SALON Chicago's finest beauty boutique offering make up artistry, hair styling, eyelash extensions, botox, fillers brow shaping + microblading.    Read More

When is Hair Transplant Possible For Alopecia Areata Patient?     By avenues cosmetic 12/20/2017


For most of the experts, Hair transplant is not a suitable treatment for Alopecia Areata because the immune system of the patients may attack the transplanted hairs as well.    Read More

What To Do If Oozing Occurs After Hair Transplant     By Pankaj Singhal 12/11/2017


There’s a possibility that oozing or overflowing of various types of fluids or blood might occur after hair transplant treatment. There’s no need to panic, if such thing happens and you need to deal with it calmly. Let’s check out how to deal with the oozing problem after a transplant.    Read More

Top Things you should know before visiting a Hair Salon in Orlando FL     By Nima Farshid 12/08/2017


We all love to visit the hair salon, especially the ladies! Regardless of the age and gender, you can visit a reputable hair salon in Orlando, FL to get a haircut, new hairstyle, deep conditioning or hair extensions. At a reputable hair salon, you will find the best hairdressers in Orlando FL who ca    Read More

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