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Correlation between Chronic Gum Disease and Erectile Dysfunction     By Jaspreet kaur 12/07/2016


Men with gum diseases are more susceptible to suffer from erectile dysfunction.    Read More

Is it okay to wait for year before undergoing infertility tests?     By Sharath Kumar 04/27/2016


Well, infertility is perhaps the most commonly uttered word in the field of sexology. Many times, people don’t even understand the severity and gravity of it. Studies say that almost one-third of the married couples face it some or the other time    Read More

Don‘t let the sexual disorders crash your married life     By Sharath Kumar 01/30/2016


Dealing with sexual disorders is not that frustrating as some people think. Everyone faces some or the other kind of problems in life. Some are physiological, and some are purely psychological. Meeting an expert sexologist is an easy and practical way of treating the problem    Read More

Post marital counseling saves married life of many couples     By Sharath Kumar 11/05/2015


Gone are the days when marriage was a lifetime commitment. Couples used to spend entire life in spite of interpersonal mismatch and disputes. In a majority of the cases, they were forced to live together for the entire life in spite of friction in the relationship    Read More

Bring the vigor and sex drive back by undergoing low sex drive treatment     By Sharath Kumar 10/18/2015


Almost every couple faces sexual problem after the age of 40. Typically, there is a drop in the male libido and couples indulge in sex less frequently. Luckily, it is a temporary problem in the majority of the cases that gets corrected automatically.    Read More

Sex problems need expert sex counselors Bangalore     By Sharath Kumar 10/05/2015


Have you ever wondered about the increasing cases of sex problems in the modern age? There is a simple rationale for the phenomenal increase. Stress, lack of energy, and late age of marriages are the prominent reasons for problems in the private life    Read More

Pre-Marital Medical Checkup is the latest trend     By Sharath Kumar 10/01/2015


Though there is still a lot of awareness required, many people go for Pre- marital check up Bangalore nowadays. Health experts say that it is incredibly important today as it not only make couples educate about sexual relationships but also nip the problem in the bud    Read More

Things that the Best sexologist in Bangalore would do for you     By Sharath Kumar 07/11/2015


Sexual issues, perhaps, remain one of the most common impediments in the way of a happy marriage. While there are couples who seek to find emotional support in each other as a means to overcome the subsequent feeling of “inadequacy”    Read More

Erectile Dysfunction is the most frequently treated problem by Sexologists in Bangalore     By Sharath Kumar 07/04/2015


Modern lifestyle causes a great physical and mental stress that affect the overall health. Statistics says that along with other physiological issues, it affects the private life also up to a large extent. Experts say that sexual problems are quite common in big cities and metros as compared to    Read More

HIV and AIDS related facts and myths     By devxtreme 06/08/2015


Considering that the time HIV/AIDS got here to mild back within the Eighties, the viral illness has been plagued with misconceptions and myths. In ultra-modern occasions,    Read More

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