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Hernia, know everything about the painful bulge     By Sulekha N 07/11/2017


Hernia is nothing but a bulge or swelling which causes a dragging type of pain. Soe patients show symptoms such as vomiting, constipation or abdominal distention. If patients make a delay in visiting one of the best hernia hospitals in Bangalore, there could be medical emergency. How do doctors conf    Read More

How Oncology Transcription Company Helps Precise Oncologists     By OscarMacdonell 06/30/2017


Oncology transcription service helps surgical oncologists increase the care they supply patients.     Read More

Suggestions about What things to Expect After Gastric Bypass Surgery - charandonkormd     By CaitlynMilford 06/29/2017


Knowing what will happen in the weeks after your gastric bypass surgery is certainly one of the most important approaches to insure your success. Many individuals think they'll have the surgery and the weight will magically disappear with no effort on the part; this attitude is a sure way to be disa    Read More

Impact of knee replacement surgery on life     By Sulekha N 06/22/2017


Progressive loss of particular cartilage in the knee joint results in inflammation. Due to the structural change in the joint, movement becomes impossible. In the modern era, it has become a common musculoskeletal problem.     Read More

Determine the exact cost of knee replacement before undergoing surgery     By Sulekha N 06/08/2017


There has been a tremendous advancement and popularity of knee replacement surgery in India. Today, it is one of the most opted surgical methods to restore the mobility and active life. It is said that when there is no benefit achieved by all other treatment methods, this surgery brings the smile ba    Read More

Bariatric surgery, a few popular myths     By Sulekha N 06/01/2017


As obesity becomes a challenging problem, the quest for effective and permanent treatment increases in the same proportion. People put tremendous efforts to reduce weight, but it becomes impossible sometimes to get rid of excess weight by conventional methods.    Read More

Eyelash Training in Seoul     By alicelee 05/24/2017


There are a number of options available for cosmetic surgeries and enhancements these days. Among them, one which is featuring a lot these days is the eyebrow tattoo in Korea    Read More

Bangalore trauma centers present with quality emergency medical treatment     By Sulekha N 05/23/2017


Trauma centers, also known as special emergency clinics, are medical centers or hubs that offer specialized treatment to those who need emergency medical care for their injuries. In most cases, these are individuals who have experienced severe trauma from an accident at road or a mishap at home.    Read More

Cervical Spondylosis, the ‘stiff neck disorder‘     By Sulekha N 04/24/2017


Every one of us remembers an incidence when the neck becomes stiff, and we can’t move it vertically or horizontally. Well, it is a temporary problem, and you needn’t required to see best orthopedic doctors in Bangalore. However, it is not a time-being problem for people who suffer from Cervical Spon    Read More

Osteoarthritis, the painful ailment of old age     By Sulekha N 04/06/2017


Aging brings a plethora of problems, something or the other. Anything related to aging is equally problematic, but Osteoarthritis is the severe one.It restricts the movement of the patient because knees get the worst affected. Orthopedic specialist in Bangalore receives so many patients every year.     Read More

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