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How to Keep Your Data Safe on Internet     By Ketan Shah 02/01/2018


We are using internet on a massive scale nowadays. Most of our daily activities are connected to internet. But are we safe on Internet? We are sharing personal and professional information on the internet. We are vulnerable to hacking attacks and data breach.    Read More

Important Questions to Ask Before Signing Up With an Internet Service Provider     By Ketan Shah 09/14/2017


Before buying yourself a broadband internet connection, pay attention to some the important factors. This could save disappointment later on. Here in this article, we are discussing questions one should ask to internet service providers before making final decision.    Read More

Google's Classroom App Gets an Update     By alicelee 05/26/2015


According to reports, Google has unveiled its new update for the Classroom app. Read on to find out more.    Read More

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