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A Comparison between WHM JetBackup Manager and Native WHM Reseller Backup     By JetApps 07/25/2017


The reseller hosting business is one of the most profitable businesses. However, we cannot turn a profit unless we are providing the utmost quality service to our clients. Regular backups will help to gain the trust of your clients.    Read More

What Are The Differences Between Normal Backup Vs. Jetbackup's WHM Easy Backup?     By JetApps 06/23/2017


Few website owners fail to back up their site regularly. Is it important to backup your cPanel/WHM accounts regularly? Of course, backing up your cPanel and WHM accounts regularly is an incredibly important step to plan for any emergency.    Read More

Why should you go for Cloud Linux dedicated Server Hosting companies?     By Vikram Kumar 06/16/2017


The world has changed a lot and now we are quite fortunate in this era to achieve and witness what was once though impossible. With just a few clicks, we can gain so much knowledge    Read More

Why Third Party It Support Is Getting Better     By Vikram Kumar 06/16/2017


For most of its existence, third party IT support for businesses has been a nightmare. High turnaround times, unresponsive customer support, you name it    Read More

The Guide To Choosing Dedicated Hosting Plans     By Vikram Kumar 06/16/2017


Dedicated hosting plans are the cream of the crop in the hosting domain. These high performance machines are used to run high performance websites that need to deal with huge traffic loads at sustained intervals    Read More

Turn To Cloud Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Providers To Keep Everything Simple     By Vikram Kumar 06/16/2017


The world has seen or rather witnessed a greater change over the last decade. And it is going better with each passing day. Similarly, everything is getting modernized and updated    Read More

Which hosting solution should you choose?     By Vikram Kumar 06/16/2017


There are quite a number of companies providing hosting services today. Whatever be your requirements and budget    Read More

Windows Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting- The Next Big Thing For The Tech World     By Vikram Kumar 06/16/2017


The world has changed a great deal and we the Homo sapiens are only fortunate enough to witness as well be a part of the revolution that has been created by the internet throughout the globe    Read More

How to Use the cPanel Backup Database in Your Hosting Account?     By JetApps 05/27/2017


It is natural that you like to back up and transfer your websites conveniently. In case you wish to move or upgrade a present blog or website without facing issues, it is good idea to look for functions and tools that restore web functionality easily.    Read More

Cheapest Windows Dedicated Server Hosting – The Best Service Provider     By Vikram Kumar 05/19/2017


In the contemporary world, where the science and technology have registered a noteworthy growth and invented some of the most important products and services    Read More

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