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BANKRUPTCY IN NEW YORK CITY     By Elena Kitsch 10/04/2016


What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is the process of paying debts while under the protection of the government. Bankruptcy can be majorly categorized as liquidation and reorganization.     Read More

STOPPING A FORECLOSURE     By Elena Kitsch 10/04/2016


When the lender agrees to permanently restructure his mortgage by either reduction of interest, increase the payment period or even changes variable interest to a fixed rate, this is called loan modification.     Read More

PRO AND CONS OF BANKRUPTCY     By Elena Kitsch 10/04/2016


An automatic bankruptcy stay is an injunction from the creditors. Once the debtor file a bankruptcy petition, particularlender’s actions are limited. The creditor cannot continue judicial actions against the debtor take property belonging to the debtor and cannot enforce alien on debtor’s property.     Read More

Intellectual Property lawyers     By ram123 03/14/2016


Intellectual property law covers the protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. In effect, intellectual property laws give the creator of a novel and different product or a temporary monopoly on its use.    Read More

Intellectual Property lawyers in delhi     By ramsingh jat 12/02/2015


Law Firms in Delhi - Azaad & Co. is a top law firm in Delhi, offers all legal and law services to its domestic and international clients, Our practices include all cheque bounce cases with money recovery case, arbitration cases, matrimonial dispute, divorce case, family dispute.    Read More

Corporate lawyers delhi     By lcssanjiv 09/01/2015


Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through." We are a result oriented and dedicated legal solution advocates. Our team includes enthusiastic and committed advocates, Chartered Accountants and other experts to efficiently carry out various projects.    Read More

Estate Planning Attorney – The Ultimate Measure To Remain Free     By Sarah King 08/20/2015


Estate planning is an extremely critical task which involves huge amount of complexities during creation of will. In such situation, a professional Estate Planning Attorney can play a functional role in ensuring effective creation of your will with ease.    Read More

Protect your house with the most effective Patent Attorney!     By ronnygage 06/02/2015


U.S. Registered Patent Attorney. Extensive experience with Patents, Trademarks, Searches, Prosecution, TTAB, Cease & Desist, Website Disclaimers.     Read More

Trusting yourself for patent filing might become too painful to digest; always take services of expe     By ronnygage 05/16/2015


Hire reliable Intellectual Property Attorney to get a patent for your Intellectual Property.     Read More

In what way hiring a business attorney will be helpful? How do they support your business?     By Danny Byrne 03/02/2015


A business attorney can be helpful for any critical situations. They will guide them with the business transaction, partnership agreements and liabilities. They act as the backbone of your business entity and hiring the services of a business attorney is a step towards the success of the venture.    Read More

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