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The Exciting Decision of Investing In Timeshare Can Quickly Turn Sour     By mathew corper 12/02/2015


Buying a timeshare is quite an exciting decision as it means that you are now the owner of a vacation home. It is a place that you can visit every year to go and relax and spend quality time with family and friends.    Read More

US Consumer Attorneys - It‘s All in the Fine Print     By mathew corper 10/28/2015


60 minute presentations, sales pitches showing you all the wonderful years of vacations that you stand to gain and then finally the pressure of signing that dotted line – this is how timeshares are sold the world over.    Read More

Attractive Sales techniques won't to Sell Timeshares     By mathew corper 08/10/2015


At your time or the opposite most folks are invited to AN exclusive meeting at a really special place wherever we tend to are needed to sit down through publicity for a property at some vacation spot.    Read More

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