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Why To Get Professional Help On Household & Commercial Rubbish Removal     By Michael Coates 05/27/2016


If you don't handle and remove the household stuff properly, many problems can occur while waste removal. A professional rubbish removal service knows how to manage the waste materials without any harm to the environment.    Read More

SWAT Environmental holds their 2016 Annual National Franchise Convention     By Andrew Alexander 03/02/2016


1888 PressRelease - SWAT Environmental, nationwide radon mitigation company, held their 2016 Annual Franchise Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 17th and 18th.    Read More

Rubbish on Our Streets Costing Ratepayers Dearly     By Michael Coates 12/31/2015


Clearing out unwanted items involves quite a bit of preparation, organizing and figuring out the most convenient and cheapest means of disposal.    Read More

Excess paint     By Adam Lee 12/28/2015


Don’t know what to do with the excess paint that is left after painting your house? It would be wise not to throw it away as it could come in handy if you need to paint over scratches and other damages on the wall whenever required.     Read More

3 Important Considerations to Make When Purchasing an Air Purifier     By Rosario Berry 09/22/2015


Now that you do, you will also realize that you probably spend most of your daily life indoors. Being exposed to this poor quality of air for long periods of time puts us at risk of variety of different ailments such as asthma, allergies, and many other types of respiratory issues.    Read More

Using Personal Protective Equipment When Applying Herbicides     By Cheryl Jones 08/07/2015


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs to be worn when applying pesticides. This is some basic safety information about applying herbicides.    Read More

Goldfish, An Invasive Species     By Cheryl Jones 08/05/2015


Invasive species were talked about in the news when pythons began to take over the Everglades. Is it surprising that goldfish are also invasive species?    Read More

What is the Purpose of Electrofishing?     By Cheryl Jones 07/15/2015


Electrofishing is a tool used in professional lake management. It helps spot problems before they grow larger.    Read More

A clean city-green city is possible by installing sewage treatment plan     By Harish Revanna 06/04/2015


A Sewage treatment plant is the need of the day today. With a capability of converting the waste into 95 percent clean water, it effectively contributes to a clean and healthy environment.    Read More

Culture And Development In Africa By Dr. Mehenou Amouzou     By abashely 02/24/2015


1888PressRelease - Culture is one of the most significant factors of development. The role of culture in development should not be understated, but treated as a complex multi-layered factor for long-term growth and success.     Read More

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