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Reasons to Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing     By Modernma Arts 08/18/2017


Muay Thai kickboxing will benefit you with body conditioning and weight loss if that is your goal. The other benefits of the Muay Thai training includes diet regime that provides positive results.    Read More

Encourage Overall Development in Your Children via Martial Arts Classes     By Modernma Arts 07/19/2017


Martial arts instruction plays a key role in training as it is much as teaching children about self-defense as it is about the tenets of absorbing the spirit of peace, compassion, justice, self-control and discipline amongst the participants.    Read More

Early Steps towards Martial Arts     By Troy Dorsey 11/27/2014


Martial arts, initially, was taken to work towards life preservation and self-protection, but today people from different walks of life, everyone with their own set of reasons, are choosing to learn this art.     Read More

Importance of Martial Arts in the Modern Times     By Troy Dorsey 11/27/2014


In today’s modern world, the impact and importance of self defence cannot be denied as cities are no longer safe with crime rate on rise. In such a scenario, you cannot just depend on the police to save you from unwarranted situations, especially when there is a red alert/emergency.    Read More

Martial Arts – The Self Defense Mantra     By Troy Dorsey 11/24/2014


Martial Arts are traditional combat works that have been around for many years. Known as one of the most prominent fighting arts in East Asia, it has been used extensively for self-defense, health and physical fitness, competition etc. The history of this art trace back to the ancient times but the     Read More

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as an Alternate Way for Getting into Shape     By wendellmosqueda 08/06/2014


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a popular self defense technique that is suitable for people irrespective of their age and gender and can be considered as an alternate and effective way for gaining fitness.     Read More

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