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Diving in the US Virgin Islands: Why Diving Certification is Important?     By Christy Berry 06/30/2017


If you are on a holiday trip for enjoying scuba diving in the US Virgin Islands, then it is important to obtain a certification like PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) that will help in having the utmost fun and enjoyment.     Read More

Charter Sailboat in Grenada     By Marc Jehle 05/17/2016


The diving in Grenada is a unique experience in summers. As in summers the temperature goes high and there becomes a dire need of getting fresh, the diving in the fresh water allows you to get joy and entertainment under water waves.    Read More

Grenada Diving     By Marc Jehle 05/17/2016


The scuba diving in Grenada is beyond doubt a source of great pleasure and fun as it offers quite unique adventure to divers. You are first guided well and are given complete equipment to have deep experience in water.     Read More

Grenada Sailing Charters     By Marc Jehle 05/17/2016


Granada yacht charters allow you to have experience of moving over the attractive island. You can rent a boat, charter or a motor yacht and can go over the coastal area of the island to have maximum pleasure. You will definitely enjoy the experience of renting boat and visiting the coastal area.    Read More

Yacht Charter Grenada     By Marc Jehle 05/17/2016


Grenada is one of the most famous island of crystalline waters, endless miles of sands, luxurious hotels and perfect weather located in Caribbean Island. Grenada has beautiful sand beaches which are of great attraction for the tourists.     Read More

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