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Let There Be Light in Your Lawns!     By Grace Dervishi 04/21/2017


The solar lights have various other advantages apart from being eco-friendly and very efficient as compared to other alternatives of electric lights, such as the kerosene lamps, and the candles which cause harm due to the low intensity of light they emit.     Read More

How to make Safer Wi-Fi with Privacy and Security?     By Grace Dervishi 04/19/2017


Few days ago, I come across a research paper, conducted by universities in many countries on subject: what is it most important in your daily life or you can’t imagine your life without? Common answers come to my mind was family, friend, health, wellbeing etc.     Read More

Pink city Jaipur gets a Virtual makeover     By SpectraVR 04/18/2017


Right from our childhood, we have been taught about the rich heritage of our country India.    Read More

Fantastic Beasts VR: Immersive Experience or Forced Interaction?     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” have found the perfect way to promote the movie and let the users experience the magical world with VR.    Read More

Guide To The Best VR Cameras     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


With virtual reality finally here and in a never before form, the demand for a variety of content in 360-degree VR videos is also surging.    Read More

HTC Vive‘s birthday brings gifts for customers     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker is celebrating the one year anniversary of its virtual reality device, the HTC Vive.    Read More

Five Whacky Things To Do in VR     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


Sky is definitely the limit when it comes to virtual reality.    Read More

Best VR Gifts 2016     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


Virtual reality is definitely the hottest new thing on the block, though a lot of it is focused on gaming.    Read More

Are you Daydream-ing yet?     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


Daydream undoubtedly has the potential to be the best mobile VR platform.     Read More

Another addition to the must try VR experiences: Strip Clubs     By SpectraVR 04/13/2017


Daniel Dilallo who is an accomplished video game designer and developer was recently spotted at the Game Developer’s Conference.    Read More

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