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Document Management System     By Caliberuniversal 12/06/2016


Documents are the most essential component of any enterprise. For managing any kind of business or company the documentation must be proper and managed in a fixed manner.    Read More

Use efficient mango ripening methods for commercial benefits     By Sulekha N 04/14/2016


Fruits are an integral part of our diet. They are not only a good source of energy but also replenish the body with necessary minerals and vitamins. Among the wide array of Indian fruits, Mango is something special. In India, it is considered the king of the fruits. It is the fruit of Indian origin,    Read More

Step by Step Approach to Using Your Softener System     By Cory Frank 03/02/2016


Home water softeners are currently standard home appliances in different countries with hard water.     Read More

Good Manufacturing Pratices - Tatvachintan     By Tatva Chintan 11/23/2015


Quality Assurance of the pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs) includes the specification and the control of their raw materials. While manufacturing a pharma drug.    Read More

Use Of Sugar Cane Trash As Biomass     By Kumar Chaulagain 09/15/2015


More information on making and process of assembling sarai stoves and utilizing the briquettes is given by Practical Answers guide. This information can be really helpful to people and have positive effect on people’s health and environment.    Read More

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