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All you need to know about turtles in general and Reeves turtles in particular     By Vikram Kumar 02/12/2016


One of the best pets that there is a great demand in the exotic pets department is a turtle. There are a huge variety of turtles available all over the globe. With more than 300 Different Turtle species, there are numerous subdivisions    Read More

Facts regarding the breeding of dogs and the life cycle of butterflies     By Vikram Kumar 02/12/2016


Having any kind of a pet is not a small undertaking. Having any animal under your care implies that you will have to ensure that you will need to know a lot about the behavioral patterns, the emotions, the food habits, the health issues    Read More

Exotic pets facts for proud owners: hairy bush vipers and tortoises     By Vikram Kumar 02/11/2016


When you think of snakes and tortoises, the word pet doesn’t naturally come to you. However, in the recent years, there has been an increased growth in the demand for exotic pets    Read More

Things to know for Texas spiny lizard and glass legless lizard owners     By Vikram Kumar 02/11/2016


Owning an exotic pet is not an easy task. You will need to know the specifics of how these pets need to be cared for and their natural food habits    Read More

Facts to know when you are planning on buying ant farms or yellow spotted lizards     By Vikram Kumar 02/10/2016


If you like the idea of owning an exotic pet and have a fascination for lizards or ants, with exotic pet shops all over the internet, you can easily find these pets and all the apparatus and ingredients that you would need to care for them    Read More

Feeding your pet lizard: What does the diet of lizards comprise of?     By Vikram Kumar 02/10/2016


If you are a fan of lizards and are planning on having one as a pet, you will have a huge variety to choose from. These are some of the friendliest pets that you can have and there are so many varieties to choose from    Read More

All you ever needed to know about Siberian chipmunk and a butterfly exhibit farm near you     By Vikram Kumar 02/09/2016


There’s nothing quite as cute as Siberian chipmunks and as romantic as butterflies. Are you one of those who have always wanted to find out about the chipmunks or a butterfly exhibit around you?    Read More

Symbolic analysis of the butterfly and the gecko     By Vikram Kumar 02/09/2016


The concept of spirit animals, or totems as some might call it, is not new and has existed for many years. For some people it is more than just an old wives tale    Read More

The Layman‘s Guide to Pantagonian Mara and Weaver ants.     By Vikram Kumar 02/08/2016


Everyone amongst us has spent afternoons in our backyard garden, soaking in the sun and admiring the variety of flora and fauna in our childhood siestas    Read More

Why Hermit crabs and Farm ants are great as pets     By Vikram Kumar 02/08/2016


If anyone would put up a quick survey of which animal one would keep as a pet, chances are they are going to end up with dogs being a popular stereotypical choice, though some prefer others like cats, birds, and a few more    Read More

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