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Sea monkeys kit for sale: Caring for them and interesting facts     By Vikram Kumar 02/07/2016


Caring for a certain animal, especially little animals that come with their own natural habitats, is a good hobby and a very good learning experience not just for children, but anyone from any age group    Read More

Framed butterflies to decorate your house     By Vikram Kumar 02/07/2016


The multiple rooms inside our houses are a huge reflection of what we are. People say that the way we decorate our houses, the shades of paint we use, the decoration    Read More

Embracing nature by presenting butterflies as gifts     By Vikram Kumar 02/06/2016


One of the profound moments of tranquility arises when you’re embracing the beauties of nature whilst keeping aside all the materialistic affairs of the mundane life    Read More

Create your personalized ladybug garden with ladybug kit     By Vikram Kumar 02/06/2016


One of the fascinating, perhaps majestic evolution cycle created by nature is the metamorphosis of certain breed of insects, which undergo a radical change in their persona & evolve into a complete new species bearing features which are absolutely unique to what they had when they were in their prim    Read More

Purchase the best of live ants for ant farm     By Vikram Kumar 02/05/2016


One of the fascinating terrestrial creatures that possess the superhuman strength according to the size, are the ants. These minuscule insects have been the object of inspection & research for a long time, since they’ve over 4000 species all over the earth    Read More

Build your kids ant habitat for education & fun     By Vikram Kumar 02/05/2016


The system of education has been rapidly evolving over the ages, and in the recent times, there have been certain amendments to the system so as to incorporate natural cycles in a minuscule form inside the bookish theory knowledge so that children can actually visualize the processes that are happen    Read More

Buy Live Tadpoles kit for learning a frog‘s lifecycle.     By Vikram Kumar 02/04/2016


The latest things to capture the attention of young children are Live Butterfly larvae kit and other larvae kits wherein children get to buy tadpoles, caterpillars and so on, sometimes with food and sometimes without food, and slowly over time, get to see them metamorphose into adult creatures    Read More

Taking care of live tadpoles in a live tadpole kit     By Vikram Kumar 02/04/2016


Frogs are one of the most useful, tricky and essential to the ecosystem organisms in the whole world. This is because they maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem and the food chain by controlling the population of gnats, mosquitoes and other insects    Read More

Fun Summer Idea: Live Butterfly kit live caterpillars     By Vikram Kumar 02/03/2016


Gone are the days of the past when children used to play outside in the sun for hours, like we used to. Today, more and more kids are becoming detached from nature and their natural surroundings, especially during summer break when they are glued to their electronic gadgets    Read More

Butterfly kit live caterpillars: A school project for kids     By Vikram Kumar 02/03/2016


Whether you are a teacher dealing with pre-school children or just a parent spending some time with your own hyperactive kid, you will know what kids can be easily bored and therefore, it can be very hard for an adult to find something fun and educational that attracts and holds the attention of chi    Read More

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