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Lizard care 101: The Basic principles About Lizard pet Care     By Vikram Kumar 11/30/2015


Having an exotic pet is a very important thing, but making a lizard for a pet is another. Small Lizards are complex creatures and certain procedures must certainly be observed    Read More

Big Large Lizard Pets – The Basics     By Vikram Kumar 11/29/2015


There are approximately 5,000 "known" varieties of lizards around the globe and a lot of them have gained popularity with regards to becoming household animals    Read More

Trying to keep And Breeding Crocodile Skinks     By Vikram Kumar 11/29/2015


The Red eyed crocodile skink is generally unique and a fascinating lizard. In addition, it is relatively simple to keep. His or her heavily keeled skin scales and bright-orange eye rings never wait to attract attention    Read More

Reasons To Buy Live Butterfly Kits     By Vikram Kumar 11/28/2015


A Monarch butterfly kit is produced from mesh, and so there's no way the butterfly will have a way to get out on its own. Kids would therefore manage to get as near the butterflies as they wish and watch their real and pure beauty    Read More

Leopard Gecko Lifespan - Things to Expect     By Vikram Kumar 11/28/2015


How long do geckos live varies greatly with regards to the familiarity of the keeper on the proper way of caring for reptiles that's an essential element in optimizing its ability to live longer    Read More

know about The Zebra Mice     By Vikram Kumar 11/27/2015


The Zebra mice belong to the genus of murine rodents hailing in Africa, sometimes people refer in their mind as the striped grass sensitive mouse. They've black stripes which extend from head to tail on the dorsal surface and either side    Read More

Most Beautiful Creatures: Live Butterflies     By Vikram Kumar 11/27/2015


Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures on the earth, due to their colors and fragility. They can be found in nearly all parts of the world and there are over 20, 000 species worldwide    Read More

The Patagonian Mara – A Lovely Friend     By Vikram Kumar 11/26/2015


Animal lovers from all over the world will agree that they like it when they see the Patagonian mara, also called a Patagonian cavy. This gorgeous rodent is nearly the most common furry friend to chinchillas and guinea pigs    Read More

Know about The Weaver Ants and Pack rat     By Vikram Kumar 11/26/2015


Weaver Ants consume any small creatures they can find, but they're particularly drawn to nectar. This weaver ants do not need a stinger, but inflict a sore bite which will be aggravated by annoying chemicals that are secreted from the abdomen    Read More

Farm Ant Sand And Ant Farm Ants     By Vikram Kumar 11/25/2015


The ants that may be supplied for the ant Farm Ant sand will often be harvester ants. As their name indicates, they are seed-eaters and occur throughout nearly all of parts of the world    Read More

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