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Hypnotherapy has the Ability to Change your Life and Happiness!     By intern123 09/29/2015


If you are unsatisfied with the way you are living your life, you need to consider hypnotherapy treatments to be happy and live without inhibitions.    Read More

The Top Benefits for Your Health with Hypnosis     By Ray Thompson 02/17/2015


You can forget the “You are getting very sleepy..." type of hypnosis when you use a hypnotist who is trained and certified by the American Psychological Association. They can play a real role in protecting your health when they work within their professional expertise.     Read More

Are You Hypnotizable? A Lesson in Cognitive Style vs Personality     By Ray Thompson 02/17/2015


Of course, there are exception to everything since this study is a sample of the population and not the whole population. However, more testing is being done at major research facilities to analysis how hypnosis works on the mind and health of a person.     Read More

How a Corporate Mentalist Can Impart New Concepts to Employees     By Ray Thompson 11/18/2014


Corporate entertainment is on the rise if you want to create more team work with your employees.    Read More

Modern Day Stage Hypnosis     By Ray Thompson 11/18/2014


Stage hypnosis has always being a part of some or the other controversy, leading to image problem. It is, over and over again, deprecated as manipulative and abusive; a dubious activity that characteristically debase its audience. But it is nowhere close to these accusations.    Read More

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