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The Last Resort     By TaraJewellers 11/18/2014


Convincing naive people is like selling ice to Eskimo as opposed to strong headed others who demand unnecessary explanations. Hesitation still lingers on until ‘eureka’ moments when they perhaps either find the most assuring reason for their plunge into buying or are just left with no better option.    Read More

Glam Jewelry Add more Point to Your Fur Clothing     By lonsjiu 11/12/2014


A black fur cloth and the cool women watch can not only let you add more point on your handsome appearance but also help you create the charming look.     Read More

The Gifting Season     By TaraJewellers 11/10/2014


Tradition is important because it contains some part of our ancestry that we knowingly or unknowingly long to experience in the same way that our loved ones did before us. The essence that needs carry-forwarding to future generations can only come from replicating customs of the past.    Read More

Grab the Feeling of Divine Solitaires with Fine Jewelry     By Larry Chrishty 11/05/2014


In this global era looking fashionable is desire of every one. But to look fashionable without trendy clothes or classy jewelries is quiet impossible.    Read More

Different Style: 3D Nail Art Acrylic Mold     By lonsjiu 11/03/2014


Today I will introduce a different and unique style to you, that is the 3D nail art acrylic mold. I have a strong faith that you will fall in love with this new and wonderful style.    Read More

Tips to Sparkle this Season     By TaraJewellers 10/27/2014


A string made of nothing but the most majestic stone, a sparkle so enchanting - a deadly show stealer, the glistening thread of glory - the bearer of which the crowd envies, every woman would love to possess it, by far – most gorgeous ornament set in the best gold or platinum – a diamond necklace.    Read More

Online Shopping Store, Best deals on clothes, Make your choice online.     By shilpa K 10/23/2014


To find quality replica items, shop online at a store that specializes in world luxury replica products. These stores may offer replica handbags for brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, MiuMiu, and many others.     Read More

Feel Exclusive in the Crowd with Qualitative Trendy fashion jewelry     By Larry Chrishty 10/14/2014


In this world of globalization we can easily see craze of jewelries in everyone. However, no matter which age group you belong to everyone loves to wear jewelries in every prospective occasion isn’t?     Read More

How to Create the Casual but Chic Appearance with Jewelry and Sweaters     By lonsjiu 10/09/2014


Here are some tips and street snap of stars for reference to wear and accessorize the look with crystal drop earrings.     Read More

Should it be white-gold?     By TaraJewellers 10/07/2014


The question many women and men ask themselves today is whether they should invest in white gold or platinum. Superficially, there is no noticeable dissimilarity between the two; however in substance and value, there is a vast distinction. Let’s help you with an analytical approach we took.    Read More

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