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How to wear what you wear     By TaraJewellers 09/22/2014


Here are some quick tips to help you make a decision before stepping out to stun the world in that lehenga or mini skirt. The rule is to keep your clothes simple if you have jewellery that stands out and if you’d like to keep the accessories minimum, make sure you’ve invested in a glamorous outfit.    Read More

Medical ID Jewelry could save your life     By andrew thomson 09/19/2014


Roughly one out of every five people living in this world has a medical condition that paramedics and doctors need to know about right away in case of a medical emergency.     Read More

Tennis Necklaces, Online Tennis Necklaces, Natural Diamonds Tennis Necklaces     By pricepoint 09/19/2014


Large selection of diamond tennis necklaces from We are offering online tennis necklaces, natural diamonds tennis necklaces.    Read More

Some quick facts about sterling silver toe ring     By TwinkleToeRings 09/10/2014


The attractiveness that a toe ring provides to a wearer’s feet is something immeasurable. And, the beauty increase even more when the piece of jewelry is made up of silver. Ornaments made out of silver are predominant used by people in many parts of the world.    Read More

History of toe rings – The Indian background     By TwinkleToeRings 09/10/2014


Although toe rings are being considered as one of the most stylish and contemporary jewelry item for women these days, their usage can be traced back from all the way to India where the practice actually began.     Read More

Fine Rings, Fine Diamond Rings For Women, Engagement Rings Fine, Fine Mens Rings     By pricepoint 09/06/2014


Choose from our wide range of Fine rings, Fine diamond rings, engagement rings fine, Fine diamond rings for women, Fine mens rings at    Read More

Cocktail Rings, Designer Cocktail Rings, Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings     By pricepoint 09/06/2014


Cocktail rings are typically worn when dressed up and out to parties. Cocktail rings can be worn on any but the ring finger of the left hand, which signals that the wearer is married or engaged.     Read More

Some pointers to note while purchasing rose gold jewellery     By Karie Adolph 09/04/2014


Wearing gold jewellery is liked by all. Especially when it comes to gold pendants they can be the best gift that you can give any of your loved one.     Read More

Best Dive Watches at Low Price     By Dina Smith 08/26/2014


Dive watches are made for diving which is specially designed for underwater diving activities. The minimum qualities a diver watch should posses is a water resistance body up to 100 m or 330 ft.    Read More

Proclaim the Fashion with Contemporary Necklace Designs     By Larry Chrishty 08/21/2014


Women and jewelleries have a very strong bond of attraction between each other since years. Although we have entered in to the era of globalization but the craze for jewelleries are still continuing since ancient times.    Read More

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