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Gold Prom Jewelry -The Best Option for the Big Event     By Vikram Kumar 06/10/2016


The Prom night is a big day for any teenager, irrespective of boys and girls, but the girls are too keen to make this day a memorable one and try their best to make their dress, jewelry and accessories in a planned way    Read More

Shop online for Crystal wedding jewelry and wedding earrings drop     By Vikram Kumar 06/09/2016


Jewelries are a statement for us. The tinkling piece that define our personality, add a new look to our appearance and beautify the outfit we wear    Read More

Perfect wedding jewelry for a perfect bride!     By Vikram Kumar 06/08/2016


Wedding times are the best times of our lives. The unlimited fun and joy, the incomparable love and support of family and the perfect life partner slipping in to your life with the grandest celebration of your life    Read More

Trends in wedding earrings drop and Prom wedding jewelry     By Vikram Kumar 06/07/2016


We all love accessorizing ourselves, be it the watches and fancy ties for men or earrings and necklaces for women, we have a fetish for them. Some men are obsessed about their watches so much that they have vintage watches as their heirloom collection    Read More

Women‘s love for jewelry sorted!     By Vikram Kumar 06/06/2016


We women love to splurge on fashion. Be it designer labels or local shopping market, we pick up everything that can help us create new looks and save us in our times of need    Read More

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Name Necklace     By Name Necklace 05/30/2016


Nothing says I love you, like a name necklace. They are wonderful gifts for family, friends and acquaintances because they are so personalized. As well, little girls love them and it is a great starter piece for their jewelry collection.    Read More

Revalue Your Jewellery with Jewellery Valuations Hereford Services     By abigaylemark2 05/10/2016


If you love gold jewels, you definitely have asked yourself too often –‘When should I revalue my jewellery?    Read More

Why is solitaire so special?     By Clyde Kearney 05/07/2016


Close your eyes and think about a diamond ring. Most of us will picture a simple band with a giant diamond stone resting on top of it.     Read More

Enter womanhood with a charming prom necklace around your neck     By Vikram Kumar 04/27/2016


Prom night signals the end of high school and prepares you for the life ahead. It is a night all girls dream about when they are about to bid goodbye to school and enter a new life of womanhood    Read More

Choose the perfect prom style or wedding jewelry to appear divine on your D-day     By Vikram Kumar 04/26/2016


For most women their D-day is their wedding day. It is the day, which changes their lives for a new beginning and such a day has to be extremely special    Read More

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