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What is the Essence of Navaratri?     By Omadath Sookram 09/21/2016


Goddess Durga is the divine Mother or source of existence. She is the embodiment of Truth, Bliss and Consciousness. Goddess Durga is seen in her physical manifestation with eight arms, bestowing blessings and removing fear from her devotees.    Read More

Envisaging How Pastoral Coaching Helps In Sustaining the Supremacy of Pastors     By Andy Alagappan 03/03/2016


Read through to know about the concept of empowered pastoral coaching and the primary goals of a coaching relationship that should be essentially addressed in a coaching session.    Read More

How to Help Saving Lives of Those Struggling With Chronic Suicidal Thoughts?     By Andy Alagappan 02/04/2016


Scroll down to know the ways to help saving lives of those struggling with chronic suicidal thoughts. Want to know how to help saving lives of those struggling with the chronic suicidal thoughts? It takes a lot of courage to help a person who has suicide tendencies. If the person is also consuming    Read More

Life in Jannah     By john johny 01/02/2016


This is for sure that life and death is for our test. The time all of us would spend here in this world would actually define our life after death, it will define either we would go to Jannah or jahanum (The Hell Fire).    Read More

Islam- The pure Faith in God     By john johny 12/11/2015


As the shortest route is the straight line, the pure belief in God is the most straight forward. Islam gives the simplest and most logical belief in God. The Quran talks to people about who God is in a simple and logical way through facts that cannot be denied.     Read More

The Fundamental Beliefs of Islam     By john johny 09/04/2015


Each religion has a few fundamentals that set out the system of that specific religion. The followers then guarantee that the fundamentals are kept up and saw on consistent premise to guarantee that the religion stays consistent with its unique structure and that the people have a solitary way to ta    Read More

Value of Respecting Parents in Islam     By john johny 08/31/2015


In today’s rapid-paced life, we often tend to get so busy that we forget our parents’ rights. Family values have significantly dropped in our lives, and our friends often become more important to us than our own relatives. Our parents are the people who provide the most care for us in this world. Un    Read More

Defensive Carbine for AR Platforms Class Available at NRA Range in Fairfax, Va., Sunday, July 12, 20     By Andrew Alexander 07/11/2015


1888 PressRelease - AR gun owners have the opportunity to hone their skills during a course taught by Green Ops at the NRA Range in Fairfax, Va., on Sunday, July 12, 2015, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Developed to help people improve their carbine-handling skills, the one-day course, open to the public    Read More

Top Tips For Choosing Outdoor Clothing     By Gary McKinnon 06/22/2015


In the event that you plan to do a ton of open air exercises it is critical that you purchase the right kind of outdoor garments.     Read More

Housewarming ceremony needs expert Pandits who knows the process well     By Seva Nandan 05/22/2015


Housewarming ceremony is known as Grih Pravesh ceremony in India. It is one of the important rituals before a family moves to a new house. It can be a newly constructed house or an old one as well. It is believed that all ill-effects are driven out by performing this religious procedure    Read More

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