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Resources to Learn the Quran Online     By john johny 03/16/2016


Undoubtedly Quran is the guide to mankind. Then it becomes compulsory for us to understand the Quran. Now the question arises, how to learn the Quran? For this you have two options either go for offline mode or go online.     Read More

Print attractive and pretty religious posters for the festive season     By Dharmendra Kunal 03/06/2016


You have so many situations when you are supposed to offer gifts for the near and dear ones. At times, it becomes a big question what gift should be bought from the market? There are situations when you do not know the personal preference or liking    Read More

Women Rights in Islam     By john johny 02/20/2016


Many people think that women in Islam have no rights. They think that Islam oppressed women and didn't treat them as human beings. In this article this misconception shall be discussed and answered.    Read More

Islam Is The Only Complete Way Of Life     By john johny 02/15/2016


Islam is not a religion it's a way of life. The purpose of religion is to teach you how to behave in a way that will elevate your body, mind and soul.     Read More

Teachings Regarding The Poor And Needy Under The Light Of Quran     By john johny 02/10/2016


The religion of Islam is a complete way of life and as part of it's teachings, provides humanity the guidance in various aspects of their lives.    Read More

Learn and Recite Quran Online     By john johny 02/08/2016


The Quran literally meaning "the recitation" of the holy book is considered as one of the best acts that can be performed by any Muslim.    Read More

Read Islamic books Online     By john johny 01/18/2016


With the increasing use of internet technology, computer and other electronic gadgets put a great effect on print media. New generation is preferring to read books in their computers,laptops and other gadgets like kindle and smart phones. Keeping these points in mind there must be an option to read     Read More

Justice in the Light of Islam     By john johny 01/13/2016


As the Quran tells us: "We sent Our messengers with the clear proofs, and We sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that humanity may uphold justice. And We sent down iron, in which is violent force, and benefits for humanity. That God may know who supports Him and His messengers invisibly. G    Read More

Learn Holy Quran online     By john johny 01/12/2016


The Quran is a unique book. It is completely unlike any other book you have ever read. This is so because it is the Speech of Allah, God, in the Arabic language. There are many things which vouch for the fact that the Quran is divine text and is a miracle in itself. Here are some of the miraculous a    Read More

Brief on life of Muhammad, The Prophet of Islam     By john johny 12/15/2015


The Prophet of Islam was born in the year 570 in the town of Mecca, a mountain town in the high desert plateau of western Arabia. His name derives from the Arabic verb hamada, meaning "to praise, to glorify." He was the first and only son of Abd Allah.     Read More

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