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Quran: A Path to Success     By john johny 11/04/2015


Recitation of Quran is just like as we are talking with ALLAH (SWT) and He is telling all of us the particular and important information about this universe. As Quran say, Indeed, We (ALLAH) have revealed This Quran in Arabic language so that you can get wisdom by learning it. Quran also say, We (AL    Read More

Why is Islam a complete way of life?     By john johny 08/21/2015


Those who do not know man cannot understand how man should live. Every individual must possess the basic awareness to understand how he should live in this world. This awareness is achieved only through the divine message. It was religion that taught man about the meaning, objective and destiny of h    Read More

Importance of The Holy Book Quran     By john johny 08/14/2015


The Holy Book Quran is fountain head of entire knowledge, but there is a striking difference between the Holy Quran and other books. The Quran is word of Allah (SWT) and books on various branches of knowledge are human studies of Allah’s creation.    Read More

Fundamentals of Islam and Five Pillars of Islam     By john johny 08/13/2015


The literal meaning of the word `Islam' is `to yield and submit.’ The prophet (PBH) explained it is the name of the five basic pillars in Islam:    Read More

Understanding Women Rights in Islam     By john johny 06/17/2015


Islam has guaranteed fourteen hundred years ago certain women rights which western media have guaranteed only recently. Islam allowed the women right to property fourteen hundred years ago, which even the western world hasn’t for women and they allowed women right to property just 70 to 80 years ago    Read More

Co-existence of Morals and peace in Islam     By john johny 06/12/2015


Good morals and high ethical values are the major teaching of Islam. The entire Quran talks about morals and observing them under different circumstances. Observing and practicing moral values are indeed a must in Islam.    Read More

Fundamentals of Islam     By john johny 06/10/2015


Islam is an Arabic word that means complete submission to the will of Allah. In boarder concept it implies that Muslim should submit all his or her wishes and aspirations to the Allah and obey and conduct them as per the Allah. Islam is the finest religion and complete in ever     Read More

Islam is the Religion of peace, Justice,Tolerance and Equality     By john johny 06/02/2015


Peace is the fundamental thing and most vital thing which a human being needs in order to survive. From peace generates the concept of equal rights for all. A society without granting equal rights to its people cannot have a society where peace exists. Hence peace coexists only with equality. Islam     Read More

Five pillars of islam     By john johny 05/29/2015


The fundamentals of Islam are the five strongest pillars or acts which are considered mandatory for the Muslims throughout the world. They are considered the most important acts to be practiced by the Muslims earnestly. These fundamentals are the core and the heart of the Islamic religion.     Read More

Follow Islam for A Better Happy and Peaceful Life     By john johny 05/28/2015


Islam is the only religion which has solutions for all the problems of human being. It is just not a religion rather a way of life which teaches human beings how to conduct on a regular basis and lead a perfect balanced and poised life which has room for everything that are required for a good life     Read More

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