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Islam is the Religion of peace, Justice and Equality     By john johny 05/27/2015


Peace is the fundamental thing and most vital thing which a human being needs in order to survive. From peace generates the concept of equal rights for all. A society without granting equal rights to its people cannot have a society where peace exists. Hence peace coexists only with equality.     Read More

The Role and Position of women in Islam     By john johny 05/14/2015


The Role and Position of women in Islam The Role and Position of women in Islam     Read More

Vivid Description of Jesus in Islam     By john johny 05/03/2015


Islam pays utmost respect and honor to the entire prophets that are mentioned in the Quran.     Read More

Know About the Life After Death in Islam     By john johny 04/26/2015


Every creature of Allah has to taste death. No matter to what extent we fear death, it is certainly inevitable. Death is a very scarred thing and some considered it as the end of life, but from Islamic point of view, death is only the cessation of our very own body but our soul continues to live.     Read More

Event Management Companies Organizing Religious Ceremonies     By Seva Nandan 04/25/2015


Our cubicle bound lifestyle is not only about gaining those extra pounds for the lack of exercise or immobility. The hectic schedule followed by us also means that we are essentially running of time. Gone are the days when office hours    Read More

Why do people prefer online Pandits for marriage in Bangalore?     By Seva Nandan 04/02/2015


Cities like Bangalore are rapidly evolving as truly metropolitans where you find people from practically every corner of the country. They intermingle with each other seamlessly and form a communal culture where there is no discrimination or difference based on language, religion or caste    Read More

Online Purohits in Bangalore is the latest trend     By Seva Nandan 03/26/2015


There are many occasions when we have a requirement of learned pandit or ‘purohit’ who can offer pooja (worship) or other rituals at home. As people get relocated to new places due to personal or professional reasons, it is not always easy to find out a good purohit around    Read More

Choosing the Right Church for Your Needs     By Danny Byrne 01/20/2015


Joining a church is not just about what the church can do for you. Your church is also a place to serve others through ministry, not just be a pew-warmer. And it’s a place to form real relationships to do life together with other Christians.     Read More

How professional cremation funeral services help you in following the customs and traditions?     By marsh jack 12/30/2014


Today, most of the people prefer to choose professional cremation funeral services to help them in the arrangements of a funeral, cremation or any other memorial services. Memorialization is reckoned as the most crucial factor, especially after the death of any person.    Read More

5 important things to be pre planned in the funeral and memorial services     By marsh jack 12/30/2014


Every one of us has the right to have a noble and dignified funeral or memorial service, where we will be honored and praised in presence of our friends and family. Undoubtedly, death is one of our life’s poignant inevitabilities and everyone has to face it.     Read More

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