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Afterward by Edith Wharton : a Horror Filled Short Story that Makes you think     By Nicola Coleman 02/02/2016


In an era filled with literary work that revolved around romance, Edith Wharton let her readers breathe fresh air with her horror story Afterward.    Read More

Author Cynthia Santiago's New Book, Heart Prints, When Life's Stuff is Tough     By Andrew Alexander 11/06/2015


1888 PressRelease - Author Cynthia Santiago's new book, titled Heart Prints, When Life's Stuff is Tough, is filled with soul-nourishing short stories and poems.     Read More

Do's and Don'ts When Writing PHD Thesis     By Jack 10/13/2015


PhD Thesis is research papers submitted in support of a student's candidature for a PhD in his/her individual professional area of study.     Read More

Reasons You Need Copy Editing Services     By Jack 10/13/2015


Copy editing is the work that an editor does to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of the document.     Read More

Tips to Follow While Writing the Thesis in MLA Format     By Jack 08/19/2015


No matter what subject you choose for your higher studies, you will have to write a thesis at some point of time during your academic career.    Read More

Athlete Book Writer To Explore Ideas In Mind     By William Brown 07/28/2015


An Athlete book writer writes articles and journals on athlete. This clarifies readers thought. Through writing they express their feeling in front of the whole world. Athlete books can also be very helpful to advance performance and learning in sports.    Read More

Experienced Athlete Book Writer Understands The Power Of Words     By William Brown 07/01/2015


Whenever you fell like writing a book or a long write up for your organization you can approach a highly experienced author. A professional writer understands the power of words irrespective of whether he/she is the athlete book writer or any other.    Read More

Technical Writing Do‘s and Don‘ts     By Delnaz Edulji 07/01/2015


In today world, the ‘electronic text processing’ tools have made couple of things quite easy for a technical documentation. If you are a technical writer, these tools can help you create your own type-set version of a document, something which may undergo a review process. However, this is something    Read More

Top 10 Technical Writing Tools     By Delnaz Edulji 06/17/2015


Technical writers are the people who create technical documentation for variety of products including software applications. These documents include online help systems, user guides, hardware manuals, white papers etc.    Read More

Select a Unique Dissertation Topic and make your Dissertation Excellent     By Toby Young 05/21/2015


This blog contains the useful tips, which can help the candidates in choosing an interesting and compelling topic. Also, a list of original & captivating topics has been provided so one can select from the list if they are running out of ideas.    Read More

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